Hope you didn’t clean today…

So if you read the previous post, you remember that in Vietnamese superstition (my mom confirmed it’s not just her, it’s an entire country), it’s bad luck to throw anything away today.  Apparently, it’s also bad luck to clean anything for the same reason.  Don’t wash away that luck!  And you also have to wear brand new clothes that you’ve never worn before to start a brand new year.  I get a big old “fail” on the new clothes and the cleaning, but I remembered not to take the trash to the chute so I’m not a complete disaster yet!  And I did manage to get my son into brand new clothes – not so much because I meant to, but because at the rate he’s growing, I basically have to put him in something brand new every couple of days.  He’s 3 months old, but he wears 9 month size clothing.  He’s a beast.  Not so much fat (although he’s got those perfectly plump rolls) as he is just solid.  But, I am adhering to only doing things that you want to repeat all year on the first day of the new year!  I am managing to post something to my blog in hopes of repeating it 365, 300, 250, 200, 100, 50, at least a few times this year!

This is only 1 oz of caviar as we ate the other ounce last night with eggs en cocotte

So what was supposed to be just a nice date between my husband, myself, a bottle of champagne (only one glass each and the rest safely covered and saved for tomorrow), and some delicious caviar ended up being crashed by my non-napping son.  Luckily, he sat on my lap quietly and watched attentively as we sipped on our champagne and nibbled our caviar on crème fraîche dolloped, toasted brioche.  As his eyes longingly followed the flute and caviar movement, drool dripping down his chin, I sighed with pride.  This is definitely my son.  Although to be fair, drool is almost always dripping down his chin lately…  My mom says I was a drooler, too.  Typical.

Oh, and the verdict on the Pierre Peters champagne recommended so highly by Amanda?  Fan-freaking-tastic!  So perfectly balanced and smooth.  We actually had the Pierre Peters last night and then popped a bottle of Guy Charlemagne tonight.  Both are Blanc de blancs (100% Chardonnay) and similarly priced, but the Pierre Peters was just creamy.  It definitely had hints of malic green apple tartness, which always reminds me of Charms Blow Pops, but yet it was velvety.  Tonight’s Guy Charlemagne was much more forward with its tartness.  All in all, I might actually prefer the Guy Charlemagne to cut through some of the custardy, umami pops of caviar and prepare me for my next bite.  But in general, I prefer the Pierre Peters and wish I had the type of lifestyle where I could just have a glass of it every evening… maybe in a bubble bath surrounded by candlelight… and a personal masseuse giving me reflexology…

Dark, inky greenish gray little pops of happiness

I hope your New Year’s Eve was eventful and full of bubbly and that your New Year’s Day has been all about quiet recovery and promises of gym visits that won’t happen.  This year, I’m not even going to pretend to care about exercising as I sometimes have in the past.  Really it was more like trying to convince myself to pretend to care…  Anyhoo, I have found that really relishing abandonment of my body allowed me to enjoy my caviar and champagne all the more deeply.

For the picture, I added just a bit of the caviar. I then put the camera down and slathered it with savory goodness.

So all the best to you and yours!  I wish you well in 2011!  Um, to most of you anyway…

I hope to spend the rest of 2011 eating like this...

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