Better blogs than mine

This is the first in a series of posts that I’ll do highlighting blogs that are better than mine in just about every way.  I have some great friends who always try and give me helpful advice or little “warm fuzzies” to help boost my (waning everyday) self-esteem.  My great friend, Sally, is always trying to bolster my self-loving (vs. self-loathing) with things like: “The grass is always greener on the other side, but you don’t get their water bill.”  I love that phrase, but when it comes to the condition of my current blog, all I have to say is this: At least the other side has grass and can probably afford that water bill, while right now I’m sitting on a frozen tundra with a cup asking for your spare change.

Anyhoo – my friend, Christina, told me about this blog last night and then she, my husband, and I sat around for an hour scrolling through its archives, laughing like the jerks that we are.  If you haven’t already seen it, please check out Cake Wrecks.  The premise is basically “disasters in cake design.”  In the midst of my riotous laughter at some of the cakes, there was a flicker of  realization that I was more than capable of creating one of the cake-tastrophies that was fueling my current amusement.  Luckily, I’m a pretty terrible/hypocritical person and it didn’t hinder my amusement for too long.

One cake that had me rolling was a birthday cake that read: “Happy 18th Birthday Chris” on one side of a sheet cake and “Happy 21st Birthday Chris’s Sister” on the other side.  That’s sad yet hilarious.  It’s OK Chris’s sister, it’s not like turning 21 is a big deal or anything.  At least Chris’s sister could head straight to the bar after that amazing little birthday celebration and drown her sorrows (not that I encourage that, especially if my gastroenterologist is reading).  I found it particularly funny because my husband’s name is Chris and his sister (who has a little bit of an Eeyore complex – “Don’t worry about me, nobody ever does”) always tells me about how she feels like she’s in his shadow because her parents think of him as the “golden boy.”  Of course, that’s before he decided to marry me, so maybe his parents don’t think so highly of him anymore… 🙂  You know what would make this cake even funnier/more tragic?  If the parents of Chris and Chris’s sister ordered that cake.  Yes, I know, I’m a terrible person, but like I said, I’m working on it.  Hey, do you think I have such terrible luck because it’s karma?  Nahhhhhhh…

Reasons why “Cake Wrecks” is a better blog than mine:

1) It has pictures.  In fact, its whole premise is to show you pictures.  The disaster blog forces you to just read my ramblings with no immediate hope of visual relief.

2) I don’t know who she is, but the creator of Cake Wrecks (Jen) is way funnier than I am.  The cakes could speak for themselves, but she makes sure to add those little gems that heighten your laughing experience.

3) It’s a better “party blog” – you and your friends can all enjoy Cake Wrecks at once, exclaiming, “Oh!” as you scroll down the page to the next horrific cake.

4) She’s mastered “sarcasm-via-blog” whereas my sarcastic remarks seem to get launched into the blogosphere and then lost forever.

5) Cake Wrecks would definitely have a witty #5 reason, but I’m just putting one in because I don’t like even numbers so couldn’t stop at #4.


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8 responses to “Better blogs than mine

  1. stevenshawnyc

    I’m really enjoying Cake Wrecks, though I’m enjoying Recipe for Disaster more. One of the things I particularly like about Cake Wrecks is the name and how it ties in so well to that blog’s targeted content. You have the name, easily remembered, and it represents exactly what that blog is about, and it’s a unique, focused subject. That, combined with perseverance and a little talent, is a good recipe for blogging success.

  2. mindylvoff

    Thanks, Steven! Your encouragement is definitely helping fuel my posting! That and my endless supply of past & future mishaps will hopefully keep me blogging for a while!

  3. stevenshawnyc

    I would wish for your luck to change for the better, but that would deprive the world of too much entertainment value. I won’t say “break a leg,” though. Too risky given your record.

    • mindylvoff

      Et tu, Brute? You’ve joined my friends, family, and soon-to-be complete strangers in delighting in my misfortune. Thanks, Prof! 🙂

  4. Christina

    I’m a lover and sharer of Cake Wrecks, but I have to say that those in the world of the written word (try saying that twice fast) have a harder task at hand. Besides, while tons of people send in photos of cakes, you alone have to LIVE the disasters you write about. Double kudos to you on that! I’m loving your Recipe for Disaster, so keep up the good work. Besides, you could always add photos if it struck your fancy 😉

  5. anonymous

    Honestly, I like Recipe for Disaster much much more than Cake Wrecks. Your blog has a much better presentation, that it is so enjoyable and relaxing to read through (easy on the eyes) thus I can enjoy every word every line your wrote! I do not have that same relaxed feeling reading through Cake Wrecks, so I just scrolled and scrolled quickly through and I actually got bored very fast and skipped through quickly.

    • mindylvoff

      yeahhh… everybody, please meet my mom:) she’s obviously biased:) besides, without bias, there’s no way you could prefer my blog to cake wrecks!

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