Quit picking on Swine Flu…

I think people are tired of me joking about Swine Flu.  Apparently it’s not one of those things I should be joking about.  But before I quit cold turkey…

Someone countered my claim that Swine Flu wasn’t a big deal with, “If it’s not such a big deal, then why did I see like 5 people wearing face masks in Chinatown???”  Great question!  Well, here’s the thing – Asian people love to wear face masks.  We find all sorts of reasons why we have to wear them: you’re riding your moped around and don’t want to breathe in dirt and fumes from other mopeds that you’re tailgating; it’s really sunny out and you don’t want that area of your face to get tan, which basically means you’re a peasant (and nobody really wants to look like a peasant even if you are one); or the latest round of some extremely rare and potentially deadly flu (as all flu’s are) is spreading around and you don’t want to catch it because like every other Asian, you’re a germaphobe and paranoid.

Of course, I have another theory as to why Asians take any opportunity possible to don the little blue, paper face mask – it makes us feel like doctors.  That’s right, if you’re not a doctor, this is your one opportunity to feel like the doctor that your strict Asian parents always wanted you to be, and have never stopped being (vocally) disappointed that you never became.  Live long and eat pig, people.


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3 responses to “Quit picking on Swine Flu…

  1. hungrysofia

    That is really funny. I actually wish the trend would catch on here once on for all but no one wants to be the first.

  2. Anomymous

    Very clever! “Quit picking Swine flu” by beating on the humble and defenseless “strict Asian parents”!



    apparently, strict asian parents aren’t so defenseless.

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