Screw the miracles, give into the pain.

Lemon with Maldon

Yeah, I didn’t post yesterday because I thinks I gots the Swine.  Ok, obviously I don’t have Swine Flu.  Actually, my husband, Chris, wants to refer to it by its proper name as Swine Flue is a misnomer.  So I don’t have H1N1 Influenza (Really, Chris?  That makes you happy?  Really?), but I’m rocking a sore throat that’s enough to make me miserable… and miserable to be around.  So apologies to my 3 readers (shout out to my mom, Chef Hayley’s mom, and Chris) for slacking off yesterday.

This week is going to be beyond bad, so by force, all my posts will be ridiculously short.  That means they’re going to be normal post length vs. my ongoing diatribes about nothing.  I know, everyone’s thrilled.  So here’s what I want when I’m sick.  Tea.  Green Tea.  Japanese brown rice green tea.  And I want it in my favorite Car Talk mug, which has “unencumbered by the thought process” written on it.  A phrase to live by… truly.  I also want lots of lemons and limes that I will slice up into wedges, sprinkle with Maldon’s salt, and eat like oranges until my teeth hurt.  I want to curl up on my couch, wrap myself in 8 layers of blankets, and watch chick flicks like “Becoming Jane” all day until I nod off.  Unfortunately, I will be leaving here in about 2 hours to spread my joy (and germs) to all the lucky visitors to the FCI library.  Wonder where I can buy one of those face masks…

Green Tea


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2 responses to “Screw the miracles, give into the pain.

  1. Kwak

    Don’t you want some ginger juice with those lemons? =) i hope you feel better mindy… btw, i got a 100 on my exam! oh yeaaaah.

  2. Hayley

    Not only do my parents enjoy reading about you (and think you’re HYSTERICAL) I do TOO…can’t get enough!!! Hope you’re feeling better bella and you enjoyed your fri evening off….

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