THIS is how you do takeout

I’m craving me some takeout after spending the day behind-the-scenes of a food commercial. That’s a really long story that I’ll post about tomorrow when I can do it some justice… There’s some classic Mindy in there. Well, on my way home (actually a 6-block detour at sprinting speeds), I picked up some takeout from my favorite Bowery shop: Yummy Noodles (cash only). I thought my friend, Angie, first brought me here, but I just recently found out I’ve been eating takeout from here since I was a child. Shows how perceptive I am, right?
IMG_4358.JPGI’m on my way home now packing half a Peking duck and 2 wonton noodle soup. Yes, it’s all for me. No, I’m not eating it all in one sitting – I plan to have it for breakfast tomorrow, too.  When I get my duck home, I throw it under the broiler for half a minute or so to crisp up the skin.  Then I put it in my wonton noodle soup with crispy skin side up and the bone and meat submerged.  Ok, here’s where it’s going to get a little dicey for you non-Asian folk.  After I eat the meat off the duck bone, I put the bone BACK into my soup and shove it back down into the liquid.  Yeah, I know, so ladylike.  It’s not that I’m too lazy to get a separate dish to throw away the duck bones in, it’s that the delicious bones sit in the broth and season it with five-spice-duckiness that elevates wonton noodle soup to an elysian level.  Yup.  It’s yummy… noodles!  Hah!  Get it???  Get it?  Yeahhhhhh.



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  1. hungrysofia

    I love your pictures.

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