Sweet Sixteen

I’m probably going to have a lot of difficulty posting this week as my 16 year old cousin and her 16 year old friend are flying in from London to spend the rest of the week with me.  I haven’t been 16 in a LONG time, but from what I remember, I was a nightmare.  I just hope that the “awful teenager” gene doesn’t run in the family.  I haven’t seen my cousin in about 5 years, and I somehow doubt that she’s still the gangly 11 year old that I remember.  She may even be suffering from full onset teen angst-itis.  I’m bracing myself for either Paris Hilton or Gotherella to walk off that plane… hopefully I’m worrying for nothing and my cousin will turn out to be some perfect girl whose hobbies include listening to her elders and maybe washing & folding laundry.

So, as I will have my hands full, I will keep the week to short posts (I can hear you all mumbling, “Finally!”) most likely based on me trying to entertain and wrangle 16 year olds.  I hope they’re not anorexic or anything so that I can at least bog them down with cupcakes and other sugary substances.  Cheeseburgers will definitely be on the menu, too.  Maybe take them shopping with their parents’ credit cards… The only thing I know for sure is that if I prevent them from doing anything that I did at 16, at least my uncle won’t kill me.

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