Disaster waiting to happen

So for the past 2 weeks, my blackberry has been little more than a paperweight.  Sometimes it works while plugged in… sometimes not.  And the best is that it would shut off randomly and then not turn back on until you plugged it in… sometimes.  When it did turn back on, it would pull up the messages that you missed while it was on hiatus… sometimes.  Occasionally, it would pull up a message that it seemed to have forgotten to bring up during its last reboot, making me a good week late on a text message – that’s if I got the text message at all.

I would have switched it out sooner, but unfortunately, my blackberry had suffered some water damage – twice – voiding it from the warranty.  Oh, and on a blackberry, there’s a little square sticker that turns BRIGHT RED in the presence of water, which is the first thing that those clever AT&T Wireless reps check for when you bring in your fritzy blackberry.  What’s interesting is that my blackberry survived both its suicide-by-drowning attempts and only crapped out when I plugged in an earpiece into the phone and then laid it on a washing machine to talk.  Somehow, someway, I must have shorted something.  All I heard was static and then ever since, my phone’s been on life support. Today, I pulled the plug.

Right now, I am sitting here typing while staring warily at my new iPhone.  Did you know that you can’t insure an iPhone?  My husband and the cell phone rep exchanged dubious glances at each other while I explained that I wasn’t sure the iPhone was right for me because of the lack of insurance and then recounted all of my poor Blackberry’s past traumas.  When I pulled out my blackberry, the wireless sales person’s eyes grew wide and I could tell that he was fighting back a “holy son of a…”

But, after comparing the latest blackberry to the latest iPhone, I just couldn’t help myself.  The iPhone was so shiny and held the promise of hours of wasted brain power and time playing with Apps that I will never, ever use again.  Procrastination?  Yeah, there’s an App for that.  It’s called an iPhone.  So instead of opting for the right, super-insured choice, I went with the lightly insured and fragile iPhone.  The sales rep pulled out what he said was the most protective case for the iPhone and recommended that I buy it.   I would have if it hadn’t been so ridiculously large – I’m sure it’s protective since it’s basically a cover 3x the size of the phone.  It was the George Costanza wallet of iPhone covers.  Absurd.  I went with the next best cover, which isn’t nearly as pretty as the sleek but useless red one that I wanted.

Of course, the size of the cover makes putting the iPhone in my pocket somewhat impossible.  And since I hate carrying purses and just carry a small wallet/clutch that has a broken zipper that I haven’t replaced, I’m at a loss as to how/where I’m going to put my phone.  Couple that with the no insurance and relatively delicate structure of the iPhone in general, and everything SCREAMS disaster.  “Danger, Mindy Lvoff, DANGER!”

As the warning signs scream around me, I know what I should do…  Download the Magic 8 Ball App and see what it says.  Oh Magic iPhone 8 Ball, will my iPhone last me until my next upgrade? “Concentrate and ask again.”  Great, now my iPhone is insulting me.  Can’t concentrate now, too busy playing with my new iPhone.  Ladies & Gentlemen, go ahead and place your disaster bets…


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3 responses to “Disaster waiting to happen

  1. gastronomad

    Welcome to the club! I was cross-eyed for days after getting mine – couldn’t stop playing with it – it sucks you into the Apple vortex. Don’t worry about insurance – the Apple store is a happy place with lots of friendly people to make you feel good about the trauma you put your phone through!

  2. Hilarious. But I did find that you can insure the iPhone, you just gotta do it separately through Apple. I think it’s AT&T’s way of saying: “I can’t handle all these new techno-thingies.”

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