DIY disposable chopstick elegance

I decided to just post a quick and fun how-to on making a chopstick stand out of your disposable chopstick wrapper.  My friend Keiko does this when we eat out and now I can’t help but do it every time someone places cheap balsam-like sticks wrapped in a paper tube down in front of me.  It’s cuter and more authentic when Keiko does it because she can hold a conversation at the same time.  Me?  I’m usually completely withdrawn from conversation, staring at my paper folding, chewing on my bottom lip in frustrated concentration.
The activity keeps me distracted and calm so that I don’t sit there, bobbing my knee or tapping my foot, anxiously waiting for my food.  My husband thinks it’s like Dog Whispering, where Cesar Milan gives unruly dogs a task to accomplish so that they don’t attack people and small animals.  Kind of like how blogging keeps me from going upstairs and telling my neighbor that her child is annoying and could he stop running laps with his iron feet back and forth and back and forth.  It also helps me from angrily and loudly spraying Oust outside my other neighbor’s door who smokes like a chimney and refuses to crack a window, causing the hallway and my apartment to smell like a college dorm room from the 90s.  Yep, I’m that neighbor.  Now all I need is a gaggle of cats…

Fancy Shmancy Disposable Chopstick Stand

  1. Start by folding your chopstick wrapper into thirds like you would fold a piece of paper to fit into an envelope, folding the left 1/3 over the center, and then the right 1/3 over that.
  2. Slide1

  3. Fold your new, smaller rectangle (that is 1/3 the length of your original chopstick wrapper) in half lengthwise and then unfold slightly, forming a kind of tent.
  4. Start at one side of the tent and push the pointed edge of the tent down and pinch the sides, making an inverted Isosceles triangle that’s bisected by the top of the tent.  Repeat on the other side until you have created your own chopstick stand



Minutes of fun...


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5 responses to “DIY disposable chopstick elegance

  1. not the first time someone’s lost me at “making an inverted Isosceles triangle that’s bisected by the top of the tent…”

    • mindylvoff

      Hah! So sorry – I thought it was the most efficient explanation, but I can see how it’s a little confusing in it’s brevity.

      Basically, if you’re staring down at the tent from above, push the edges of the top down towards the table and in towards the center of the tent. That’s the top of the triangle. Pinch the bottom corners of the triangle together – think backwards airplane folding. Does that make a little more sense?

  2. brokebonvivant

    I’ve seen stands that also have an indent in the center to keep the sticks from rolling.

    btw hey Mindy, it’s Brett from the fundamentals of wine class. I have a blog now too!

  3. Angela

    That diagram: I. Die. You killed it.

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