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I’d see Star Trek again, even without Nachos

I’m a dork.  Not a geek or a nerd, which seem to imply intelligence, I’m just a dork.  My brother and I grew up watching Star Wars, Star Trek, basically anything with the word “star” in it – what’s up Last Starfighter!  You’d think that would have made me more astute when it came to Physics AP, but to this day, I still cannot remember 1 single moment of that class.  Perhaps Mr. Cowing should have related our problem sets to how it would have impacted the trajectory of the USS Enterprise…  alright, alright, shutting up now.

So yeah, I was excited to see this movie.  So was my brother.  I think my husband, Chris, and his wonderful brother, Alex, were amused, but nowhere near as ridiculous as my brother and me.  We would have gone opening weekend, but my brother locked himself in his room all last semester and wouldn’t come out until Finals were over.  We all agreed that today would be the day.  I picked up my brother from Penn Station (he had to come in all the way from Jersey) and we met up with Chris and Alex at the theater.  Lights dimmed, previews started (by the way, the Transformers & GI Joe previews played back-to-back and BOTH featured shots of the Eiffel Tower being destroyed… what does that say about Hollywood’s love of the French?), and then “Space, the final frontier…” Continue reading


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