You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have…

…if you don’t know how the rest of that song goes, please immediately go online and watch a few episodes of “The Facts of Life.”

Today had all the makings of a typical disaster… and now that I’m writing this post, I’m almost guaranteeing that it will end in disaster as well. After trying to take a cab to work to save time, just to get stuck on the FDR behind an accident, forcing me to get out of the cab on the FDR and walk to the nearest subway stop, I arrived at school wishing the world ill.

In the midst of photographing and taking video of Chef Nils for his upcoming debut on Top Chef Masters, I got a text from my friend who works in high-fashion. It said, “In my office, I just overheard someone saying, ‘that model has fat knees.'” I love receiving random-rumination/just-overheard texts in general, but the content of this one put it over the top. Any model that is working for his label is definitely crème-de-la-crème, so I’m pretty sure that the “fat” on her knee is just her patella, and is therefore physiologically necessary.  How rough is it when someone tells you that you need to drop a few bones cuz you look fat?

So I replied back to that text: “In my office, I’m putting more fat on my knees by eating the steak and vinegar-infused french fries that we just made.”  Which was an awesome text because it was true.  And my office is a cooking school.  Yes, I’m poor as dirt, but somehow that little text managed to put everything in perspective.


i also get to work for this guy.

i also get to work for this guy.

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  1. Anonymous

    Nice, cute added drawing 🙂

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