I Googled myself and found out that I’m a female dog…

This is kind of great in a, “should have figured as much” sort of way.  Someone was searching for my blog and could only find the Cooking Issues blog that I write for.  Huh, that’s interesting.  So I Googled “Mindy Lvoff” and found the same thing – I keep coming up under the Cooking Issues posts that I write.  So I decided to Google “Mindy, recipe for disaster” to see if I could find my blog that way.

Well, this came up as the second match in google

Picture 1

It’s a story about someone buying a dog, naming her Mindy, and finding out that she’s an absolute… disaster.  She quickly gets labeled as a “killer dog,” even though she doesn’t kill anyone, and terrorizes the owner’s village.  At one point, she runs around, nipping at a shepherd’s flock of lamb (where the hell is this place?  we’re not in NYC anymore) and refusing to stop until her owner literally throws herself onto Mindy to restrain her.  All I could think while reading was that I, too, enjoy lamb.

Feel free to read the little story, but it ends sadly with Mindy being trained into an obedient child, I mean dog.  I wonder if my father wrote this as an exercise in creative writing.  Mom, feel free to comment on this post under your usual name: “Anonymous.”  It’s really a story about crushing the spirit of the dog – personally, I thought she had a lot of character in the beginning of the story when she was a wild, unmannered, female dog…  But the owner says that if she didn’t train her, someone was actually going to “shoot” Mindy.  Again, where the hell is this place?


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6 responses to “I Googled myself and found out that I’m a female dog…

  1. Anonymous

    This sounds like in England or their “neighbour” countries, or in Australia, or New Zealand or the likes (did you see the spelling “neighbour”, “programme”?). Anyhow, I always believed in the saying “Good horse has quirks” (meaning leave the good horse alone, quirks and all) and thus never wanted to “suppress” or “retrain” or “brainwash” children. Did you feel otherwise?

    • mindylvoff

      Just an fyi – this is my mom commenting and she really didn’t try and tame me at all when I was a kid. She didn’t want to suffocate my “creative spark” – that was my dad’s job.

      • Anonymous_No_Longer

        Well said! Thank you for clarifying it. (I don’t think your father succeeded on that mission :))

  2. stevenshawnyc

    When you said “female dog” I thought you were going in a different direction.

    Love, love, love the new header graphic.

  3. christina

    My coworker Molly has that problem all the time. Our other colleague got a dog and named her Molly and at the morning meeting everyone was asking, “How’s Molly doing?” “Any good stories about Molly?” Human Molly just said, “Let me guess. Someone got a dog.” She said she had never met another Human Molly.

    • mindylvoff

      I knew a human Molly once! Molly McIrney. I was in 2nd grade and in love with her big brother, John. Molly was Korean and maybe 4 years old – too cute.

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