Yup, you can all start saying, “I told you so.”

Well, I’m out. I’m off the juice. I didn’t even make it 2 days. At about 9pm last night, I crashed. My head, a little foggy all day, felt both like it was floating away AND like someone was chiseling at it.  Then I felt nauseous and freezing cold. Right about then, all I could think was, “Mindy, this is the worst freaking idea that you have ever had.”. And trust me, I’ve had a LOT of bad ideas.

Luckily, my friends Annette and Angela were watching me and immediately sprung into action when, as Annette said, I turned green. Angela watched me as Annette ran and grabbed me some hot vegetable soup with lardons of bacon in it. Awesome. I had dreamed of breaking my diet with bacon and those dreams were coming true.

Unfortunately, I then ran and grabbed some pad thai. Delicious, but maybe not the best idea for someone to down after 1.85 days on a juice cleanse. My stomach cramped and my jaw started to hurt. And my head started to hurt like crazy.

What have I learned?  If you can juice cleanse, good for you. If you’re me – screw it.

my last "meal" before jumping the juice ship

my last "meal" before jumping the juice ship


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6 responses to “Yup, you can all start saying, “I told you so.”

  1. hungrysofia

    I think a day and half is still very respectable. I’m glad you stopped though, you really did look kinda scary weak in class.

    • mindylvoff

      yeah, that was definitely the worst point. when i lost feeling in my hands and feet – i was kind of over it:)

  2. partner in crime

    so…do you still get a juicer? if you promise no more ghung-ho?

  3. Nick Suarez


    You should talk to Taylor. She does the 10 day lemonade diet and swears by it. But she’s one of the few people that can get past day 3, which she says is the hardest part. After Day 3, she’s not even hungry and she says it is kind of euphoric. After 10 days of not eating though, you can’t just eat a big steak. She slowly integrates liquid and soft foods back into her diet and it takes another week or two to get back to whole foods. Being a food lover myself, I see no point. It seems unhealthy and depressing as hell to not be able to eat.


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