Unfortunate Cookie

The other night, my husband and I took my friend, Keiko, out for Chinese food to thank her for juicing her arms off for 5 hours.  Keiko’s petite, but my girl’s got guns.  Oh, and Keiko only volunteered to help me juice after 8 hours of eating and drinking… mostly drinking…  which explains why in the world she volunteered at all.  I don’t think she follows my blog because she asked a mutual friend, who works with her, whether or not I was still on the juice…  No doubt hoping that I hadn’t broken after she had juiced for hours.  So nobody tell her…

Well, after a delicious meal of soup dumplings (I’ll post on how to eat them without burning your lips off next week), Japanese eggplant (although they called it Chinese eggplant and I call it Vietnamese eggplant), and sautéed pea shoots, it was fortune cookie time!  We didn’t even get to play the game where you put the words “in bed” after each fortune when Keiko opened hers and said, “Uhhh, I think there’s something wrong with my fortune…”  She read the fortune out loud: “If it seems fates are against you today, they probably are.”

unfortunate cookie
I couldn’t stop laughing, not only because of the odd, fortune-cookie-grammar, but also because this was my fault in one of two ways: 1) I had given her the fortune cookie, which probably meant that this “fortune” was meant for me or 2) This referred to the fact that she was stuck with me ALL DAY and that I made her juice beets in her sundress.  Either way, she laughed through her frown and no one ate the cookie after I insisted on placing it on the table to take a picture.  So not only did I make her juice all day, I deprived her of dessert.  Before you all start shaking your heads at how terrible of a friend I am (which is true), I did buy her an ice cream.


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2 responses to “Unfortunate Cookie

  1. christina

    Better to get this at dinner than at breakfast.

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