Sunday, Bloody Mary Sunday

Gross name, though, right? Bloody Mary. Yuck. What a terrible name for such a deliciously, savory, spicy glass of happiness. Given my love of salt and my recent Dr.’s assessment that I need even MORE salt in my diet because of my ridiculously low blood pressure, I’m going to rename this beverage: Mindy’s Daily Vitamin Infusion. Doesn’t that sound better? Medicine never tasted so damn good!

Not that I ever need a reason to make a Bloody Mary Mindy’s Daily Vitamin Infusion (I’ve been known to make virgin versions by the bucket load and drink them for snacks), but today I have a special reason to do so.  My sister-in-law, Sophie, is curating her second art show and wants to serve Bloody Mary’s at her opening tomorrow.  Her exhibit’s going to be amazing.  It’s called “Sacrosanct” and it’s being held on a Sunday at an abandoned church.  And nothing’s better on a Sunday than appreciating art and washing it down with a refreshing cocktail.  She asked me for my recipe, which I’ve never written down before, so I was forced to remake my recipe today in order to send her the details.  It’s also a little cloudy out, which tends to make me feel a little blue and lethargic… obviously I needed my Vitamins to get me going.  FYI – if you’d like to attend the show, it runs for 2 weeks starting tomorrow at St. John’s Episcopal American Catholic Church on Lexington Ave between East 101st & 102nd.  The opening is between 4:30 – 7:30 PM tomorrow!


just some of the ingredients in my version of a bloody mary

just some of the ingredients in my version of a bloody mary

Mindy’s Daily Vitamin Infusion is a little different than a regular Bloody Mary in a few ways.  First, I like to make this classic cocktail dirty with a splash of spanish olive brine.  Second, although I hate that clamato crap, I love clam juice, so a splash of that goes in as well.  Even though I’m not from the south and I prefer my crab seasoned with just salt, pepper, and lime juice, I have a ridiculous love of Old Bay Seasoning.  RIDICULOUS.  This perfect blend of celery salt, pepper, spicy red pepper and paprika just does it for me.  I kid you not, I sometimes just sprinkle some on my finger and lick it off.  It’s basically like spicy MSG.  Last, being Vietnamese and a little obsessed with this magical little root, I just have to throw in some tangy ginger.


Mindy’s Daily Vitamin Infusion (aka Bloody Mary)

Pre-mix  (cold ingredients are best and/or chill mix before service) 
–       1 c tomato juice
–       2 T horseradish (grated – fresh if you have it, but jarred is fine)
–       1 T clam juice
–       1 T Spanish olive brine
–       1 T lime juice
–       1 t Worcester sauce
–       1 t cocktail sauce (yup, that’s right – it boosts the tomato flavor, thickens it, and adds sweetness)
–       3-10 Tobasco drops (10 is for my mom, the spicy-loving Vietnamese matriarch)
–       ½ t Old Bay Seasoning
–       ½ t freshly ground black pepper
–       ¼ t celery salt
–       ¼ t ginger (microplaned)

To Serve
–       1 c Bloody Mary / Mindy’s Daily Vitamin Infusion Pre-mix
–       2-4 oz vodka (ice cold, use more if you’re a lush)
–       celery stick (WASHED & trimmed)
–       3-5 Spanish olives (5 if you’re me and NEED sodium)
–       lime wedge (center pith trimmed off for easy squeezing)
–       Old Bay Seasoning 
–       Freshly ground black pepper 
–       Maldon’s salt


1)   Assemble all pre-mix ingredients (cold if possible) and adjust seasoning to your palate.  Chill mix.  If you’re making it immediately and need it cold fast, place mix in a metal bowl and place in another metal bowl filled with ice water.  Stir until cold.

2)   For service, mix 1 cup of the pre-mix with 2-4 oz of ice cold vodka.  Go ahead and use more if you’re a lush.  I’d rather just drink more of the whole thing, but whatever.

3)   Fill a pint glass ¾ full of ice and pour in your vodka mix.  Submerge a clean, trimmed celery stick (it’s gross to pull up your celery stick and see it coated in dirt, which also tastes bad).  Top with olives and a lime wedge, then sprinkle Old Bay, black pepper, and Maldon’s salt on top.  Enjoy!

mindys daily vitamin infusion

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  1. TheHungryHusband

    Your giving the family secret away! I hope this wins karma points.

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