Note to self: efforts to be better person not enough – try harder

…Because if my efforts WERE paying off, then the universe wouldn’t get such a kick out of making me suffer. Right now, I am blogging from Gate D7 of Dulles International airport. D… as in DELAYED.

Remember that fork in the road that I mentioned last week? Well, I picked the potentially MORE disastrous path because I figured, “hey, I’m only young once! Might as well make as many bad decisions as possible and get it all in there!”. Right off the bat, it involved me flying out to LA this week. Everyone I told thought, “Yay! How fun!”. Not me. I love to be in other places, but I hate traveling. I enjoy driving a car somewhere as long as there’s no traffic, I can make frequent stops for food, and oh yeah, I’M DRIVING. I don’t like big boats because I think I was on the Titanic in a past life, and big boats make me feel trapped. And more than anything, I HATE to fly. Hate it. Flying freaks me out.

So week 1 into my new, unpaid for an undetermined time frame, career, I have to fly. Hilarious. Even better, the flight I was booked on left at 6AM, meaning I was up at 3:30AM. Oh! Better news: it was a connection with a 2 hour layover in Dulles. Which is where I am now… Almost 4 hours later.

It gets worse. We actually boarded on time… Then sat for an hour while they tried to start the engines – you know, those silly little things that make the plane go up and then keep the plane up? Yeah… Then they made us get off the plane, which I can still see outside the gate’s window. I’m a nervous flyer to begin with, so the thought of getting back onto a plane that wouldn’t start AND that is currently revving over and over outside while an engineer stands staring at it, perplexed and rubbing his head… Well, that’s why I’m writing this post. Therapy.

Well, when it does finally get started, I know that I get to get back on and sit in between 2 people who seem to have barely escaped a perfume counter at a department store somewhere… Disaster… Delayed… I’m going to start a list of bad words that start with a D when I get back.

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  1. Kwak

    LA?? so jealous of all the tasty food you get to eat… Are you on your way there or back?? You must be back for my graduation… MINNNDY!!

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