Jersey girl in LA

Believe it or not, this is my first time in LA since I was a child, and it looks nothing like I remember… probably because the only thing I remember about my first trip was going to Disneyland, which I remember thinking sucked compared to Disneyworld.  It’s so funny – the people I’ve met here are shocked when I tell them that this is my first time to LA.  I keep asking, “well have you ever been to New Jersey?”  They don’t seem to think it’s a valid parallel for some reason.

Jersey girl that I am, I had breakfast at a diner this morning.  It looked just like the diners in New Jersey, except that my waiter looked like a model.  Not that I’m putting down the fine diner folk of New Jersey, but let’s be frank… they’re not models.  Something about being in an LA diner made me feel differently about what I wanted to eat, too.  Instead of my normal extra bacon and cheese omelette with a side of gravy-cheese fries, I felt the urge to order an egg white omelette.  Pick up your jaws, you read me correctly: an egg white omelette… with spinach and mushrooms… And instead of home fries, I decided to get cottage cheese with my omelette.  Damnit, pick up your jaws again!  I know, I know…  Oh, and instead of a bagel or toast, I got fruit.

If you’re still reading instead of closing your browser window in horror of my breakfast, I’m going to stun you again and tell you how much I enjoyed it.  I kid you not – the omelette was awesome.  It wasn’t greasy or swimming in oil the way so many diner omelettes can be.  I usually don’t like cantaloupe or honeydew, but for some reason, I kind of enjoyed pieces of them slathered in cottage cheese.  I didn’t even need my second cup of coffee…

Oh, and I ate 2 tables away from John Voight… that’s right, Mom, I ate 2 tables away from Angelina Jolie’s dad.  So surreal.  That has never happened to me in a Jersey diner.


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2 responses to “Jersey girl in LA

  1. Anonymous

    Should I be jealous? (knowing his political viewpoint and my strong “feeling” about his daughter, I am not sure … hmmm ) Ok ok … I confess… I am impressed and … jealous :-), very jealous 🙂 … and am so glad that you are eating soooo healthy 🙂 (for a change???? just kiddin’)

  2. Angie

    Wow, 24 hours in Cali and you’re already off the yolk! I feel for you; SD made me a “3 egg whites with some yolk drops” kinda-gal. Go reward yourself with a Pink’s hot dog!!

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