Return of the Jersey girl

So after I posted yesterday about my super healthy egg white-only breakfast with John Voight (ok, so it wasn’t with him, but he was in the diner), I immediately destroyed any chance of making yesterday a healthy eating day.  I met a friend for lunch at a place called Pann’s.  Ever heard of it?  Turns out it’s been in a few movies like Pulp Fiction and Little Miss Sunshine.  Cool, had no idea.  The only thing I knew is that my friend’s friend is a screenwriter, currently working on a screenplay, and wanted to meet at Pann’s for lunch.  Whoa – that’s so LA.

More importantly, this was the SECOND diner that I went to in under 3 hours.  That’s a record, even for a Jersey girl.  I took it as a sign that the Diner Fates were trying to give me a do-over, a chance to correct the diner wrong that I had committed earlier that day by not putting good old yolks and saturated fats into my body.  All it took was my friend’s screenwriter buddy to mention, “This place is known for it’s fried chicken and waffles,” and pointed out a nice combo platter that included a biscuit smothered in country sausage gravy on the menu.  And as it was written, so it was done.

oh, and that onion ring didn't come with my order, i stole it off someone else's plate

oh, and that onion ring didn't come with my order, i stole it off someone else's plate

A delicious, crispy Belgian-style waffle came out with fried chicken wings and a side of grits.  The grits were OK, but the crispy fried chicken was delicious dipped in tangy vinegar hot sauce.  A warm, syrupy bite of waffle is best enjoyed followed by spicy, salty fried chicken.  Throw in that delicious, dense, 2″ in height biscuit smothered in country gravy (you know how I love biscuits), and I was instantly transported back to the east coast… even if I was listening to someone discuss their screenplay while I had a mouthful of fried chicken.  You can take the girl out of Jersey…


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