Whoa – I think a little of this LA luck is rubbing off on me

Just when everything around me seemed to be swirling and conspiring to make me hole-up somewhere and take up agoraphobia as a hobby, I received a divine message not to take the leap back under my covers…  from Facebook.  I’ve been asked, and have accepted to be, a speaker for a Vietnamese conference called Hay Quá (roughly translated into “pretty neat.”  It’s purpose is to bring together “the most creative vietnamese americans in new york.”  Stop laughing.  No, really, stop laughing.  It turns out that a real blogger, Tam Ngo of Serious Eats, reads my blog, actually likes it, and suggested that I be invited to be part of a food panel (no doubt to fill a last minute cancellation, but beggar bloggers can’t be choosers).  Rock on, Tam, and thanks for being my fourth reader right after mom, husband, and Chef Hayley’s mom!

Unfortunately, I got so excited about being asked, that I went immediately to the blog and started reading about the other speakers.  Oh fudge.  Double fudge.  The other speakers are actually super creative.  They’re not just sitting here typing about all their crazy misfortunes, they’re actually out there doing things like, oh you know, running restaurants, making documentaries about changing the world, singing while playing an instrument (so impressive and so different than karaoke), etc.  And me?  Hi… uh, my name is Mindy Lvoff… I know my last name’s not Vietnamese, but I changed my name from Nguyen because I got married and… well you probably don’t care about that… I write a blog about food… well, it’s not really all about food, but… um… it’s really more about what a train wreck I can be… which only Hayley’s mom and my mom seem to find amusing… and… uh…  oh and Tam seems to like it for some reason – thanks, Tam, bet you’re regretting the decision to invite me right now… and… hehe… uh… hi?

Oh yeah, that’s going to be a grrreat discussion.  Maybe I’ll provide comic relief by tripping and falling while trying to take my seat or something.  I really shouldn’t joke about that kind of thing, huh?  If you’re interested, Vietnamese or not, please come and meet some actually talented Vietnamese-Americans that I’ll be sitting next to!  I heard they’ll be banh mi there…


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7 responses to “Whoa – I think a little of this LA luck is rubbing off on me

  1. athirstyspirit

    Congrats! You look good holding a piece of meat.

    • mindylvoff

      hah! what’s crazy is that it’s actually tuna and scallops that Dave meat-glued together to look like a steak:) of course, right?

  2. Kwak

    I’m a faithful reader, too. i keep you as one of my tabs on firefox (right next to Cooking Issues) and hit “refresh” everyday. multiple times.

  3. rachey

    you’re gonna meet thu tran!!! get advice from her on how to do our own food show.

  4. Tam

    Mindy! So psyched to get to meet you. I adore your writing, and I mean that in the most earnest, least creepiest possible way. (… Noooo, you’re not replacing a last-minute cancellation, and yes, yes! your antics are hysterical.)


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