Disasters in the press

Check it out – I got a little mention in Serious Eats! Thanks again, Tam!

And just a reminder that if you’re free this Saturday, please come check out the Hay Qua mini-fest! Don’t worry, besides me, there will be actually talented and entertaining speakers! Plus, there’ll be a banh mi lunch! What’s better than that? In fact, depending on how many banh mi they let me have, you may never hear me speak at all – I’ll just hang back and stuff my face until the whole thing is over.

You know what’s funny? I grew up eating banh mi while other kids were eating turkey sandwiches. I always felt bad that my sandwich smelled “so bad” in comparison. I mean, it never smelled bad to me, but the kids around me didn’t seem to share the same appreciation for fish sauce that I had. It’s kind of vindicating to know that people from all different backgrounds and ethnicities love banh mi now. Who knows, maybe those same kids that used to make fun of me grew up to love banh mi! Or maybe they just grew up into even bigger jerks… I’d put my money on the latter scenario… if I had any.


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3 responses to “Disasters in the press

  1. hungrysofia

    I actually had my first banh mi last week and oh my!

  2. audreyktran

    Ah, yes, I remember dealing with lunch neighbors who would wince at the food I ate in middle school, but I opted out and eventually began bringing lunchables and deli-meat sandwiches to school. How sad that sounds now…

    Can’t wait to hear the story about the Banh Mi Boom on Saturday…..Thank goodness for those who are involved in it. Turkey sandwiches sound so terribly bland in comparison to Banh Mi.

    • mindylvoff

      seriously – banh mi are so delicious. if banh mi are this popular, i can’t wait to see what vietnamese dish people become obsessed with next:)

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