Feed a fever, starve a cold?

Listen, I don’t have a fever, but now I’m STARVING.  I actually felt worse this morning than yesterday, but I think the antibiotics are starting to kick in and I’m feeling a little better.  I still sound terrible, which bodes well for tomorrow’s panel discussion at Hay Qua.  I’ll just be seen and not heard, which isn’t really a great option… trust me, if I’d grown up as someone who people enjoy looking at, I wouldn’t have learned to be so loquacious.  My husband told me it’s OK to back out if I’m not feeling well, but I quickly shot him down.  First, I made a commitment and second, there’s going to be BANH MI there!!!

The other night, my friend Nick brought over a crazy dish from DELICIOUS Pio Pio that is now the most prominent leftover sitting in my fridge: french fries with hot dogs.  If you’ve never had it, you may have the same reaction that I did when Nick pulled it out of the takeout bag: uh, what?  But he quickly broke it down into simple word that I could understand: “french fries, delicious. Hot dogs, delicious.  French fries & hot dogs, delicious.”  He was right, the fries actually start to get a little soggy from the hot dog juice, which doesn’t sound ideal, but damn – that’s one delicious, freakin’ french fry.  I wish I could have finished the full order, but I think I was already getting sick, so my appetite wasn’t quite there.  So I packed it up and put it in the fridge, where it has sat since Monday.

Here’s the thing, I still feel like someone kicked me in the head repeatedly and then sat on it, meaning that 4-day old french fries with hot dogs would be a terrible “get better” food choice.  However, it’s so easy – it’s right there on the 3rd shelf of my fridge, taunting me with its deliciousness.  It’s also already in an aluminum container that I can easily just pop into the oven to reheat… And did I mention how perfectly salty and potatoey it was the first time?  I’m curious to see how it keeps and reheats.  Maybe I’d better eat it for the sake of experimentation.  And now that I’ve blogged about this, I’d better heat and eat it before my husband reads this and calls home to stop me!  I’ll follow it up with a grapefruit or something to make it healthy…  What???  Stop judging me, I’m sick…

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