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Go ahead, mock the mini-miracles…

Yeah, I used to be just like you.  Laughing at the idea of “mini-miracles” with your hardened, pessimistic outlook on life.  Ok, who are we kidding?  I am just like you.  However, I am on an active quest to improve who I am by force since “goodness” doesn’t seem to come to me naturally.

I actually saw a documentary (on IFC – I love this channel, but truly, I love most channels since I watch a lot of mind-atrophying TV) about a man in Queens, or Brooklyn, or maybe the Bronx?, who owned a diner.  He and his wife were former hippies who lived hard, played hard, and looked like they had lived and played twice as hard.  Let me tell it to you straight – dude looked CRAZY.  He wore suspenders (but so does my dad – which isn’t a statement against crazy guy’s insanity) and had crazy, frizzy Bozo the Clown hair (clowns scare me).  Watching the documentary, I was pretty sure that I was 1) never going to go to this diner and 2) if I did, I would probably just order a cup of coffee and maybe a bottle of Purel.  However, he did say one thing that stuck with me… Continue reading

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