Better Blogs Than Mine: Amateur Gourmet

Ok, I’m cheating a little. I was actually “assigned” to read Amateur Gourmet last week for Blog Class.  I didn’t discover it, but I didn’t discover Cake Wrecks on my own, either.  I rely on people better than me to do that for me.  You see, I’m a little bit A.D.D. and better at oral and visual learning.  This is really a pretty fabulous combination of attributes if you’re looking to get nowhere in life.  Luckily, I’m too busy focusing on something else every few seconds to be “looking” to go anywhere.

Teach assigns us one, established blog to follow religiously for a week.  I’ve enjoyed all of our “assignments” thus far, but like Cake Wrecks, Amateur Gourmet imparts that “haha – that’s funny” effect with just a kiss of “oh crap, is this what people are expecting of me?” followed by a beautiful “might as well fold up the laptop, I’ll never be that good” finish.  This blogger, Adam Roberts, does it all: recipes, reviews, photos, graphic design, and oh yeah, Teach said he can also play every Beatles song on the piano.  The Beatles.  I love the Beatles – their music has basically been the soundtrack to my life.  If you’re talking to me and then I just seem to drift away from conversation, it probably means that a Beatles song has floated into my head of taken over my brain.  Oh, and sorry for not paying attention.

So besides being ridiculously talented, the dude’s actually hilarious.  He’s dry and slightly sarcastic, which I think is what actually makes food delicious (not this “love” thing that all the kids are talking about).  Oh yeah, and somewhere along the way, he wrote a book.  Alas, just one more blog out there kicking the disaster’s junk trunk.

Reasons Why Amateur Gourmet is schooling the Disaster:
1) His “About” page.  It’s a comic strip featuring Hell’s Kitchen, Judge Judy, and The Shining references… yeah, basically genius.  I mean, it’s not a pet fiberglass shark, but whatever.

2) Dude’s a lawyer.  He’s got at least 3 more years of education over me.  And if you leave nasty comments on his blog, I’m sure he could just sue you instead of hunting you down like the spiteful, bad, bad person that I am.  And what is it with lawyers starting successful blogs?  It turns out that Asian parents everywhere are right, you SHOULD become a lawyer… or a doctor…

3) 70 Steps To Foie Gras Torchon.  I know what you’re thinking, did he pick the number 70 first?  Or were there actually 70 steps when it was all said and done?  WHO CARES!  The man rolled a flipping torchon on his own for the hell of it!  I’m making smoothies and this dude’s rolling torchons.

4) Well, Adam’s quoting Nabokov on his blog.  I made a reference to The Real Housewives of New York.

5) Seasonal banner.  Yeah, his incredible banners change with the months while I promise that you’ll be staring at that damn mango for quite a while.


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4 responses to “Better Blogs Than Mine: Amateur Gourmet

  1. Anonymous

    See … should’ve been a lawyer :-)!

  2. Steven

    If you become my friend on Facebook I can send you Adam’s Beatles medley video, as well as the Elton John one.

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  4. ooo Thanks for the link! Maybe my blog can get on that one day.

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