Mini Miracle… Tuesdays?

I’m running on “Nguyen Time,” remember?  So the fact that I’m not getting my mini-miracles up on time shouldn’t surprise you.  In fact, since I’ve been on an every other week (maybe) schedule, you may be surprised to even see a mini-miracle post at all!  So SURPRISE!  Mini-miracle time!

1) Not being on a juice cleanse.  BIG lesson, folks.  Don’t design your own cleanse and don’t go on one unless you’ve checked it out with your doctor.  There’s supposed to be an element of “cleansing” that happens, but let’s just say that I didn’t experience any cleansing while I was on the juice for 2 days…  yeah.  BUT, I did feel GREAT the first time I ate something after 2 days of juice (ok, ok, 1.85 days of juice) and I’m pretty happy with the way the juices came out.  I was so happy, in fact, that I used the rest of the juices to wash down my meals for the rest of the week.  That almond milk was insane, too – if you do nothing else, try making almond milk.  That’s not quite true, I wouldn’t put it over anything, but if you get a chance and can snag some raw almonds, AND you like delicious beverages, then yeah, definitely try making your own.

2) Soup Dumplings.  On Sunday night, I coined a new term by slurring my words together (which apparently happens after lots of beer followed by Prosecco) that I think describes soup dumplings perfectly: Amasian.  That’s right, soup dumplings are amasian.  I want amasian soup dumplings right now.  It’s rainy and miserable out right now, which always makes me crave soup… which made me think of noodles, which made me think of Chinatown, which instantly made me crave soup dumplings.  Pork or crab meat floating in reduced trotter stock, wrapped in thin dough and steamed.  My best friend, Angie, comes in this week from Italy and we are DEFINITELY going to Flushing, Queens to compare and contrast soup dumplings!  You see the sacrifices I make for this blog?  Yup, I’m that dedicated…

3) Finally putting together my photo page.  I’m really loving taking pictures of food with my poor, many-times-dropped little 6.0 megapixel Canon Powershot.  I do hope to get a new camera one day when it’s in the budget, but as my income of slightly (very slightly) more than $0 doesn’t even cover my groceries, I think I’m gonna have to wait.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the photos thus far and give me and the poor camera that I abuse a break:)  I’ve assembled all the photos from the blog on the Photo page, which is now organized by post and will expand when you click on it.

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